Moto Metal announced the release of its 2019 collection of wheels. Drawing inspiration from Moto Metal’s heritage roots, highlights from the new collection include the Folsom, Hydra, Fang and Dually, all of which are economically priced and ready to be the focal point of any custom, stock, leveled or lifted truck or SUV. 



MO992 Folsom 

Following the footsteps and influence of the M0985 and M0987, the Folsom offers a clean, simple deep lip design. It features a split six-spoke, milled Moto Metal logo on lip, bolt-on cap with removable cap logo option and exposed lugs. 

•       Size Range: 20-24

•       Finishes: Chrome and Gloss Black Milled


MO993 Hydra 

Refreshed off of the popular style MO961, the Hydra includes a split eight-spoke, deep lip, face inserts, and lets Moto Metal fans customize their wheels to their exact liking. 

•       Size Range: 18-22

•       Finishes: Gloss Black Milled and Chrome



MO994 Fang

The Fang offers a clean and simple concave wheel without forgoing essential details. It includes a deep concave split five-spoke, machine face, milled lip, bolt-on cap with removable cap logo, and exposed lugs. 

•       Size Range: 20

•       Finishes: Gloss Black Machined



MO995 Dually

The popular Moto Metal wheel takes on the Dually World with a semi-concave eight-spoke, bolt-on cap with removable cap logo and exposed lugs. 

•       Size Range: 17-22

•       Finishes: Gloss Black Machined



About Moto Metal:

Not for the mainstream... for the wild. Moto Metal wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals. Like their owners, they don't play by rules. They are the final piece of a machine built to challenge the norm – loud and ready to drop jaws.